43 Reasons

Why buy when you can Global-Rent-a-Scope?

Here are 43 reasons to consider...

1. You are guaranteed that you will love the way our systems work
2. World-class equipment
3. No wasted time experimenting with possible equipment combinations
4. Preview images
5. Immediate feed back; no waiting for film processing
6. Perform casual observing
7. Incredible views of deep sky objects with relatively short exposures
8. No major upfront expensive investment
9. Use of your time efficiently
10. Immediately achieve a high level of productivity
11. Approximately 250 nights a year of use
12. Excellent seeing
13. Very dark skies
14. No long-term commitments
15. No scheduling required
16. Start imaging tonight (weather permitting)
17. Systems so easy and quick to use, imaging can be performed any clear night
18. Imaging can easily be done any night; not limited to just weekends
19. No setup time
20. Start imaging within seconds of login
21. Pre-chilled CCD cameras
22. Automatic focusing
23. Auto guiding available
24. Extremely user-friendly Browser Interface
25. Learn CCD basics at no extra cost (using MaxIM DL)
26. Scheduling available (at extra charge)
27. MaxIM DL compliant calibration files furnished at no extra cost
28. Personalized on-line support via Yahoo Messenger or phone
29. Live person answers the phone 24/7 (With few exceptions)
30. Four (count ‘em) Field of views
31. Cost effective
32. No drive time required
33. No unexpected cancellation of trips due to weather
34. No special software required to acquire images
35. No waiting on list for equipment to be manufactured or delivered
36. Ha, SII and OIII and BVRI filters on some systems
37. All Sky camera to see conditions
38. Full weather outlook including real-time radar images
39. Real-time DIMM meter
40. Observatory camera
41. Files available shortly after session ends
42. Zipped files available for download from a high-speed FTP site.
43. No charge for time to download files from the FTP server.


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