Seven years have elapsed Since I embarked on an experiment to use CCD astrophotography to overcome the  effects of light pollution from a suburb of Los Angeles.  While I experienced  some limited success in monochrome, in most cases the color work ended in  failure.  Often very dominant colorful gradations in the green and blue ranges  destroyed hopes of producing a reasonably presentable LRGB or RGB color image. I  even tried using special narrow band filters in hopes of thwarting the  persistent light pollution.  Long exposures were necessary to use these filters  and the production of images took much longer.  Certain aspects of the light  pollution continued to persist and now I have finally concluded the light  pollution has won.
Not to be totally discouraged, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.   Global-Rent-a-Scope has emerged to save the day. Global-Rent-a-Scope provides Internet access  to world class Takahashi Telescopes mounted on state of the art Paramount  robotic mounts in a dark sky location in New Mexico.  Equipped with highly  sensitive, high speed detectors like the SBIG ST8XE ABC,  you are now in a position to operate this marvelous system from the comfort of  your computer.
No special software required.  Just use your Internet Browser.  Anyone that can type can use this system.  It’s that simple!!!
If you have any questions please call me personally at my cell phone below.  Anytime!  24/7
Arnie Rosner
714-501-8247 24/7

What you can do with Global-Rent-a-Scope plus some additional information

  • Do real scienctific research
  • Introduce your family to Astronomy
  • Find out if CCD Astrophotography is for you
  • Beat the light pollution
  • Perfect for School project
  • Test equipment before you buy it
  • Explore the Wonders of the Universe
  • Take a Single Image
  • Operate with a plan (simple text file)
  • Take an LRGB Image
  • Take multiple LRGB Images
  • Calibration Files Available
  • FTP Privledges Included
  • Download images at no charge
  • CD of Science data available (extra charge)
  • Unique User ID & Password
  • Personal Account
  • Only pay for time you use
  • Reasonable rates
  • Block Time Availalble
  • Secure Server
  • Credit Card Purchase
  • Simple to operate
  • Assistance available
  • No advanced scheduling required

July through September is the Monsoon period.  Operation at this time is tenative


New Mexico Skies Observatory

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