Thinking about  Buying??

Get Far More For A lot Less using  Global-Rent-a-Scope.

Simply put: time, money, convenience, comfort and results all favor renting over owning.

With Global-Rent-a-Scope, you get access to all of the most advanced equipment you need to immediately take stunning, professional quality astrophotography.

Plus, there’s no need to constantly upgrade your system with add-ons that can mushroom over time to $50,000 and still not deliver anywhere near the quality of Global-Rent-a-Scope.

You’ll also never have to worry about the hidden costs of ownership:

  • Storage
  • Damage/Wear
  • Theft
  • Obsolescence
  • Depreciation – Usually 50% Upon Purchase
  • Travel Time And Expenses

Global-Rent-a-Scope is exceptionally easy to use – most users are capturing images within minutes of logging in to a system.

And there’s no being frustrated by less-expensive equipment that’s difficult to use and low in performance.

Plus now you can view dark skies at the drop of a hat from the comfort of your home or office, for much longer periods of time.

All without the hassle of loading the car, driving to dark sky areas, setting-up, tearing-down, reloading, unloading, driving home – and without having to suffer from unfavorable weather conditions, insects, interlopers and the dark. Which actually increases your pleasurable viewing time and helps ensure your personal safety.

As for costs, check below  for a financial analysis and discover just how much money – dollar for dollar – you can save with Global-Rent-a-Scope.

A Financial Analysis And Cost Comparison

Besides the convenience and time you save using Global-Rent-a-Scope’s remote controlled observatory-quality equipment, there are also many substantial cost savings.


Typical Owner’s System Cost:  $20,000-$50,000

Typical Owner’s Usage:

  • 30 nights per year x  6 hours per night =
  • 180 hours per year x 3 years =
  • 540 total viewing hours over 3 years
  • Typical Three-year Cost Per Hour: $37-$55
  • Typical Global-Rent-a-Scope Cost Per Hour:  $25*


Automobile Use:

  • Approximately. 42 /mile x 75 miles typical drive =
  • $31.50 per trip x 30 trips per year =
  • $945 per year x 3 years =
  • $2,835 over 3 years

Equipment Depreciation: 

  • Typically 50% depreciation upon purchase

* Block purchases


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